Underwater Vehicles & Instrumentation

The ocean may be big and made of water, but murphy’s law says your instrument will always smash into the boat during recovery.We have built and fielded many ocean systems and know what it takes to have them survive all the rigors of deployment.

If you need help with pressure tolerant hardware, we can do it. We have extensive experience with metallic, plastic, ceramic, and composite pressure vessels. We also have built actuators and drive motors for vehicles large and small. Our specialty is acoustically quiet direct drive systems.

If you want to offload some structural hull work, we can help. We have assisted with design and fabrication of complete vehicle structures from 1m thermoformed plastic shells up to 11m long carbon composite hulls.

Are you building a flooded-hull vehicle? You probably need pressure compensated hardware in your power, drive, and electronics enclosures. We have built many oil-filled junction boxes, housings, actuators, and batteries. We can design for a variety of manufacturing processes including sheet metal fab, machining, composite layup, injection molding, and spin casting.