Are you looking to develop an instrument or delivery system for lab work? Field work? Is there a fixed budget to get a project from start to the next phase? We understand how research budgets work in academia and corporate settings. We can work with you to get results through the various stages of development.

We can help scope projects for funding proposals including making concept drawings and project plans. In pre-proposal phases we build low-cost proof-of-concept demonstration hardware and software to enhance funding success. We can also assist in writing of grant proposals for a variety of funding sources.  

Our research engineering work has spanned lab and field, from hardware fabrication to data analysis. We can give you speed, we can give you precision, we can give you calibration, and we can give you robustness.

The ways we tailor service to researchers’ needs are many, starting with being flexible on time and willing to work with you on proposals for future work. Additionally, we can provide a one-stop shop for the various skills needed to field a multi-dimensional system.

We provide:

  • Hardware, software, sensor design and development
  • Small-quantity prototyping of instruments and hardware
  • Cost-effective instrumentation and deployment
  • hardware design for science labs.
  • Student friendly systems (robust and easily explained)
  • Data telemetry, sampling systems, marine, terrestrial, and aerial systems.

We have diverse industry experence:

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