Research Engineering

Since 2001 we have worked with scientists to develop engineered solutions for scientific work. We love the far-out challenges of trying to answer unique questions.

We understand the funding environment and can work with you to write engineering service into grant proposals as well as to scope design efforts. We can produce high-quality preliminary concept renderings to be used in proposals.

Some examples of science work include:

  • Fish tracking tag structure and flotation to combine IMU and radio mounting
  • A copepod “ferris wheel” keeps larvae from settling in their enclosures and maintains a laminar flow environment.
  • Extremely low-cost maximum tide level recorders
  • Processing script suite in Matlab for mapping bathymetric sonar data
  • Control and display software for a fast underway hydrographic CTD winch
  • Modeling of tether and body dynamics to control bi-directional flight of a towed body
  • Drywall plaster curing investigation of thermal, mechanical shrinkage, and humidity relationships.
  • Bulk modulus properties investigation of LiPo batteries under high hydrostatic pressures
  • Methods of sensing seawater properties using fiber optic cables