Renewable Energy

There is energy all around us in the world and we can capture it for our needs if we are clever and adaptable. The biggest challenge with converting naturally available energy is its inconsistent availability. To capture a useful amount, we have to build hardware that can survive deployment in the locations where naturally available energy concentrates reliably.

We’re up to the challenge of developing hardware systems that scale their absorption with the available energy, taking when it is efficient, and shedding when it is overwhelming.

In this field, we believe in simplicity and robustness. Hardware to extract energy from the environment must be bio-mimetic, adopting the smooth forms and flexibility of organisms that live in the environment where we deploy.

Our work in this field has included:

  • Wave power harvesting
  • Autonomous tethered wind power system control software and hardware
  • Winches, line and tether management
  • Base station installations and mobile wind harvesting systems

We have diverse industry experence:

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