Defense & Aerospace

While defense and aerospace hardware is similar to other hardware, the specifics of this work are in the administration. We can work on ITAR restricted projects and can comply with data protection, reporting, documentation, and contracting requirements.

Some of our project experience in this field includes:

  • Hardware for defense research projects in EOD, ocean physics, and robotics.
  • Ocean physics instrumentation for measurement of energy transfer and water acoustic properties.
  • Underwater vehicles systems and subsystems.
  • Subsea pressure-tolerant hardware for actuators, power systems, propulsion
  • Low-acoustic and electrical noise direct-drive actuators and main thrusters
  • Pressure tolerant battery systems
  • Deep ocean antennas,
  • Rapid-service underwater vehicle architectures
  • Underway launch and recovery systems
  • Underway tow-yo water sampling system bodies, winches, tethers, control and data processing software
  • Field deployments in estuarine, littoral, and blue water scenarios.
  • Minimal magnetic profile robotic systems for sensitive operations.

For space related projects, we have experience in:

  • Structural and mechanical system and component design.
  • Composites, metallic, and thermoplastics prototyping.
  • Structural analysis
  • Test design and execution
  • Pressure vessels
  • Ground system and test facility components design.

We have diverse industry experence:

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