Mechanical Design


Simple projects might need just a realization of your ideas in CAD and then transfer to manufacturing. That’s something we can do with you.

We can also help with longer term projects, working from a concept to identifying the key requirements for the design to prototyping, testing, and refining. Depending on what skills are available on your team, we can expand or constrain what our contribution should be.

Our capabilities span many industries, methods, and materials. We have worked in aerospace, underwater, biology, physical earth sciences, robotics, renewable energy, defense, sports, and transportation. The engineer’s tools, materials, and processes can be applied to any challenge as long as we can describe the environment the product will experience. Whatever your challenge, we can address it.

Our design methods include a balance of analysis and modeling with a lot of rapid prototyping and testing. We see the design process as a dance between predicting how something will perform and seeing how users actually experience it. In any project, we make sure to be humble about the reality of a design’s performance. We always seek negative feedback because that is most valuable for making forward progress.