We hear you that quality underwater hardware is hard to find – especially getting to reliability on a development project. Established hardware designs change slowly for a reason; because it takes great care to build things robust enough to survive deployments, salt water immersion, pressure, and biofouling.

When you need to do something new, which is probably why you are reading this… there is always risk. We can mitigate your risk by bringing a long record of successful design history to the project. Designing underwater hardware well on the first try is hard, but with our background, you can expect that we will get to robust and functional hardware rapidly.

What areas have we worked on? These are some of the marine projects we have completed.

Underwater vehicles:

  • Composite structures design
  • Syntactic buoyancy system design
  • Actuators
  • System design,
  • Launch & recovery,
  • Power systems,
  • Pressure tolerant hardware,
  • Driveline hardware
  • Variable buoyancy systems.

Underway deep profilers:

  • Winches and line management.
  • Hydrodynamic behavior optimization of bodies and tethers


  • Low power systems,
  • Wave-powered sensors,
  • Data recovery telemetry systems.
  • Near shore deployments, open ocean deployments, and estuary deployments.
  • Fiber optic array sensing systems

Underwater Robotics including:

  • manipulator arm systems,
  • robotic design and behavior
  • Variable impedance manipulators.

We have diverse industry experence:

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